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Popdock Zendesk Marketplace Apps

Connected apps = Better Conversations.

Virtual Integration for Zendesk.

Access to all your customer data in one unified interface.

Component 16 – 1

Point-to-Point Apps

Provide your agents the quick access they need. View relevant information real-time and take action on data from specific apps.

Embed Any Data in Zendesk

Need access to additional data or custom applications? You need the Popdock Connector.

Component 4 – 1

Dynamics 365 Connector

App | CRM Integration

See and interact with Dynamics 365 data from within Zendesk.

Component 5 – 1

Stripe Connector

App | Payment Gateway Integration

See and interact with Stripe data from within Zendesk.

Component 6 – 1

Popdock Connector for Zendesk

App | Custom Data Integration

See and interact with your custom application data or data from any of the 50+ Popdock connectors from within Zendesk.


Popdock has resulted in a significant increase in efficiency for our support agents, both in time savings and being able to provide better and faster customer service by having the correct information readily available. We are making fewer mistakes and resolving tickets faster.


Hindrik Usin, IT Manager

PLM Group

How Zendesk Users Benefit

Component 7 – 1

Easy to install and configure

Quick guided setup right from the Zendesk marketplace.

Component 10 – 1

Access custom entities, objects & fields

Select the right data from your external systems and how you'd prefer to display the data in Zendesk.

Component 8 – 1

Securely connect to the cloud and on-premise data

Allow your team to quickly access data from your most important apps - from CRM, accounting, payments, shipping, marketing, and more.

Component 11 – 1

Assign permissions to specific agents

You have complete control of security and users' data access.

Component 9 – 1

Actions - search, update & create

Turn on the "things" you want your users to be able to do when viewing other data in Zendesk or when viewing Zendesk data in their other apps.

Component 12 – 1

Unlimited support is included

Your success is our passion. Engage with our data experts to ensure you have your requirements and questions answered.

Empower your Agents

With all the data they need, where they work.

Virtual Integration provides your Zendesk agents with a holistic view of your customers to help offer a personal touch and faster resolution, creating happier customers. Zendesk Apps, powered by Popdock, gives your agents access to real time customer data from any system. See additional account details from your CRM, invoices from your ERP, shipping status from your carrier, or payment and monthly subscription details from your payment processor – all inside of Zendesk.

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Let's have a Conversation


Rob Flannigan

Zendesk Solutions Expert

email: rob.flannigan@eonesolutions.com