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View and manage your data right inside of Zendesk

You’ve implemented Zendesk and taken the first step to improve your customer service – congratulations!

Virtual Integration for Zendesk
View and manage your data right inside of Zendesk. Give your agents access to all customer data in one unified interface.

App Benefits

Benefits from using Zendesk Apps for integration

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Securely connect to the cloud and on-premise data
  • Actions – search, update and create
  • Access custom entities, objects, and fields
  • Assign permissions to specific agents
  • Unlimited support

Communication with customers has never been better, with options for email, text, live chat, and messenger apps.


You have new processes for ticket management, including escalation and prioritization.

With all these improvements, you find your Zendesk agents are still waiting on other departments or jumping from one application to another to find the information they need to provide the best experience.

Data Integration

Virtual Integration provides your Zendesk agents with a holistic view of your customers to help offer a personal touch and faster resolution, creating happier customers. Zendesk Apps, powered by Popdock, gives your agents access to real time customer data from any system. See additional account details from your CRM, invoices from your ERP, shipping status from your carrier, or payment and monthly subscription details from your payment processor – all inside of Zendesk.

Available Apps

Give your agents access to all customer data in one unified interface. No need to log into a separate application.

Apps Currently Under Development

HubSpot Connector

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Pipedrive Connector


Salesforce Connector


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