Bringing your Popdock data into any dashboard.

Custom Integrations

Popdock widgets enable you to take the data from your connector and integrate the list or graph into the applications that you use daily.  A single list/graph or multiple lists can be assigned to a widget which creates a link that allows you to embed your widget into an html page or customizable application.

Many applications use tools to customize the default appearance of the application and many businesses build custom integrations to bring functionality or data from one application into the other.  This is exactly why Popdock widgets were created. These widgets bring the data from any connector you use in Popdock and integrate it into any customizable application.

For example, your company uses Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365, but you have to login to each of them to access the data you want to see.  With the Dynamics 365 customization ability, you can use a Popdock widget to view Dynamics GP data within the user interface for Dynamics 365.

Access your data from Popdock widgets through embedded integrations

Explore examples below on how Popdock widgets are utilized.

Custom Embedded List

Popdock will provide you with multiple embed links when you create your widget. Simply paste the link into a customizable area of an application and you will be able to integrate Popdock to view your list!

Customized Dashboards

Utilize widgets created in Popdock into your trusted dashboard. Easily view data that would be a chore to access otherwise.  Add your favorite list or even make it a chart to help you visualize your data.

Custom Webpage

Build a custom webpage with widgets that display Popdock lists and charts. Use your generated widget URL to share data with your business and make impactful decisions.

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