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Building Month Over Month Sales Reports

If you have a business that has been impacted by the pandemic, whether it be negative or positive, we are sure you would like some insight on how your company is doing monthly from year to year. You can see how your company was impacted and track to see how things are gradually returning back to…

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Get Creative With Your Dynamics GP Data

Normally, the data returned from a connector doesn’t need any special handling. However, in certain cases you may have to get creative with your Dynamics GP data to get it showing how you would like to see it.  In this article, I will show you three scenarios with Dynamics GP data that will help you…

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Popdock: Moving Beyond Basic Calculated Fields

If Your Reporting Software Can Do This Then It’s Awesome Else Get A Popdock Subscription   Data manipulation is a very important tool when dealing with your data and how you want to see it.  In some cases going beyond the normal calculations can help you gather important data that you actually want to see. …

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