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Understanding Popdock Security options for Users, Teams, and Roles

Popdock’s security features ensures additional users have access only to the data required to do their job. The Account Owner is the default Administrator and the only role with authority to add users to the Popdock account. The Administrator has the ability to create teams, create roles, invite users, assign teams, and assign roles.  To protect your data, a team or each individual user added can be assigned access to specific connectors and lists at the Administrator’s discretion. This is an overview of these Security options for your account.


A team is defined in Popdock as a group or department.  For example, you can have an Accounting department that has access to Accounting data, but then you have a Sales department that has access to sales data and cannot access the accounting data.  Having these separate Teams allows you to define the Connectors and data they are allowed to access.

  • A Team can be created with any name and the option to add a description.
  • Each Team has the option to assign Users to be Members of that Team.
  • Each Team can be assigned access to specific connectors and their lists or actions.



A user is anyone who has created a Popdock account.  If they have created their own login through registering on the Popdock website then they are automatically the Administrator for their account.  The other option is to invite someone to be a user under your own account by sending an invitation through Popdock.  Instructions on how to send the invitations are on the following Knowledge Base Article:  “How to invite a user to be added to your Popdock account“.

  • When sending an invitation to a User, you can assign them to a Team and/or assign them a role.
  • The User can be assigned to multiple Teams and multiple roles.
  • Each User can be assigned access to specific connectors and their lists or actions.



A role is a custom configuration of the permissions you want to allow for a user.  This feature will allow you to give someone in a more manager type role more permissions than someone who is a regular employee without the responsibilities of a manager.

  • A role can be created with any name, but by default Popdock has 3 roles:  Developer, Manager, and User.  You can edit these and update them if needed.
  • A role can be assigned to a single User or multiple Users.
  • Multiple roles can be assigned to a single User.