Installing Popdock from AppSource for Business Central

With the use of a Popdock widget you can integrate a Popdock list or multiple lists directly into your Business Central user interface.  The following is how to install Popdock from the Extension Marketplace within Business Central.

Important Tip

A Popdock account is required in order to use the Popdock extension in Business Central.  If you receive the following message, you will need to register a free trial in order to test out the Popdock extension.


Managing your Extensions:

Step 1.  Login to your Business Central, then click on the link "Setup & Extensions".  From the submenu that appears, click on "Extensions".


Step 2.  A list of all your extensions will appear, here you want to click on the "Manage" drop down and choose "Extension Marketplace".


Step 3.  Now do a search for Popdock and there should be only one result.  Then click the "Get it now" link.


Step 4.  The extension will require that you complete some basic information, then agree to Microsoft's terms and privacy before proceeding.


Step 5.  Choose your Language, then click "Install".


Step 6.  The extension will then start the installation, it may take a couple minutes to complete.

Step 7.  Popdock should then show as installed in your extensions and if you refresh your Business Central, you should now see it as a menu option.


Important Tip

A Business Central widget is automatically created when you add a Business Central connector to Popdock. This will be the widget used when launching Popdock from Business Central.


Step 8.  Launching Popdock will now launch your Business Central widget as long as the widget has been published.


Please see this article "How to create and publish a Popdock widget" if you still need to publish your Business Central Widget.