How to manually add Popdock Web Services to Business Central

If the Popdock web services were not created for your Business Central connector and you are unable to install the extension in AppSource, the following steps will help to manually upload the .app file that will create the web services you need for Popdock.

Extension Management:

Step 1.  Click the search icon and search for "extension management".

Step 2.  When you see it available in the search results, click on it.

Step 3.  Click on Manage, choose to upload extension.

Step 4.  Click here to download the .app file that is needed to upload in this step.  Save it to a location that you know on your computer.  On the Upload and Deploy Extension window, to the right of the box for "Select .app file", click on the 3 dots and choose the .app file you just downloaded.


Step 5.  Be sure to click the Accept toggle, then click the "Deploy" button.


Important Tip

This will take a few minutes to complete, but once the web services are installed you can add your Business Central to Popdock and start pulling in data.