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How to create and publish a Popdock widget

Popdock widgets enable you to take the data from your connector and integrate the list or graph into the applications that you use daily.  A single list/graph or multiple lists can be assigned to a widget which creates a link that allows you to embed your widget into an html page or customizable application.

Important Tip

Be sure to create a list, customize it to how you like it to be seen, and then save it as a favorite to assign it to the widget you are creating or you can choose from the default lists.

How to create a widget:

Step 1.  Click the 3 lines at the top left to access the left navigation, then click on "Developer" from the menu.


Step 2.  Make sure you are on "Widgets" in the left navigation, then click on the "+Add widget" button.


Step 3.  Give your widget a name, then choose the type:

Favorite - Allows your widget to display a single list/chart.

Application - Allows you to assign multiple lists to your widget.

For this example we are assigning a single default list for Zendesk tickets so we are going to choose Favorite and then complete the Connector, Group, List, and Favorite for the list we are assigning.


Step 4.  Click on “Options” from the left navigation, then select which checkboxes apply. I have selected to show columns, show filter, and show search. Users that have access to this widget will be able to perform those actions on their own version of the list.


NOTE:  "Parameters" will be explained in a more advanced help article that details how data can be filtered by setting a parameter using your widget URL.

This completes the required steps needed to create a Popdock widget. Click on "Preview" in the left navigation menu to see how the widget will look when embedded.

Click on "Embed codes" in the left navigation to see your Embed links or use the Code generator to generate the code needed for specific applications.

Use the Embed link or IFrame code to display your widget on another webpage or inside an application.

Your widget must first be published in order for the link or code to work.  Follow the steps below on how to publish your widget.


Important Tip

If you plan to use your widget, it will require publishing it.  If your account is in trial or you have a Partner account, the widget embed link or code will work without publishing it.


How to publish your widget:

Follow these steps if you want to publish a widget you have created to use.

Step 1. Click the 3 lines at the top left to access the left navigation, then click on "Account Settings" from the menu.


Step 2.  Click on "Widgets" from the left navigation.  This will display all widgets whether they have been published or unpublished.

Step 3.  To publish your widget, simply click the publish icon next to it’s name. This will add the single widget cost to your monthly subscription.

Now your widget is ready to use, You can return to the widget page to access embed links and code used for custom integrations.


Here are a few articles showing how to embed a widget in other applications:

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