Adding favorites

A favorite is a saved collection of fields and filters for a list. Favorites save you time as the fields and filters that you commonly apply don't have to be selected each time you need to access that data. You can add as many favorites as you like.

Favorites can be shared with other users and teams. When a favorite is shared with others, they cannot delete or modify the favorite. They can add or remove fields and filters, but these changes cannot be used to overwrite the original favorite settings.

Tags can be attached to a favorite to make the favorite easier to find. You can attach as many tags as you like to each favorite. Tags that you add are only visible for you. When you share a favorite with others, they do not see your tags and can add their own tags.

To add a new favorite:


1. Tap the Add favorite button at the top of the list.


2. Enter a name for the favorite.

3. Select the tags for the favorite.

4. Tap Save. If other users also have access to this list, the Share favorite button will be displayed. 


1. Click on the Add favorite button

2. Enter a name for the favorite.

3. Select the users and teams that you want to share the favorite with.

4. Select the tags for the favorite.

5. Click Save.


  • Favorites have to have unique names. An error message will be displayed if you try to save a new favorite with a name that has already been used.
  • When naming favorites, try not to use people's names (for example 'Bob's favorite') or append dates or numbers to create unique names (for example 'My favorite 2' or 'My favorite 10/10'). Instead, try to describe the filters as accurately as possible so that you and others don't have to remember which favorite to use.
  • Use tags to provide additional context to a favorite and make it easier to find