Adding a Dynamics 365 Business Central connector

To add a Dynamics 365 Business Central connector:


Important Tip

Installing Popdock from the Business Central Extension Marketplace is required before attempting to connect your Business Central connector.  Please refer to our other article "Installing Popdock from AppSource in Business Central."


1. Select Connectors from the left navigation drop-down menu to open the Connectors page.

2. Select the Add connector button.

3. Select the Dynamics 365 Business Central connector.


4. Enter your user name (not your email address), web service access key, and your tenant ID.  Click Connect.


To get your web access key:

1. Open the Search for Page window and search for Users. Select the Users page.


2. Select the user that you want to create a web service key for.


3. Select Web Service Access.


4. Select the arrow button next to the access key field.


5. Mark the Key Never Expires checkbox. Click OK.


To get your tenant ID:

1. Locate the ID in your Business Central URL (ex. 78f1edcf-e187-4d22-a680-634762acee8b).

2. Use the follow web page: