Adding a Braintree connector

You can use the Braintree connector to display details of your Braintree customers, transactions and subscriptions.

Before you can create a Braintree connector, you will need your public and private keys and Braintree merchant ID.

To get your Braintree keys and merchant ID:

1. Log in to Braintree.

2. Select My User from the Account menu.

3. Select View Authorizations in the API Keys section.

4. If you do not already have an API key, select the Generate New API Key button.

5. Select View in the Private Key field of the table to display the all of the keys and the merchant ID.

To add a Braintree connector:

1. Select Connectors from the left navigation drop-down menu to open the Connectors page.

2. Select the Add connector button.

3. Select the Braintree connector.

4. Enter your public key, private key and merchant ID.

5. Select Next. A progress window will be displayed as the connector is initialized.