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How to integrate a Popdock widget as a custom tab in Salesforce

Knowledge Base    /    Connector setup
With the use of a Popdock widget you can integrate a Popdock list or multiple lists directly into your Salesforce user interface either as a tab at the top or as a button that opens up a new window. ...

How to create and publish a Popdock widget

Knowledge Base    /    Widgets
Popdock widgets enable you to take the data from your connector and integrate the list or graph into the applications that you use daily.  A single list/graph or multiple lists can be assigned to a ...

Solution for browsers on Android devices not scrolling down on your list

Knowledge Base    /    General
If you are using an Android device to access Popdock with a browser you may come across an issue where your list is not scrolling to allow you to see the full list. The steps below detail how to turn ...

Adding a Freshbooks connector

Knowledge Base    /    Adding connectors
The Freshbooks connector gives you access to all of your cloud accounting data. To add a Freshbooks connector: 1. Select Connectors from the user menu to open the Connectors page. 2. Select the Add co...

Adding a MySql connector

Knowledge Base    /    Adding connectors
To add a MySql connector: 1. Select Connectors from the user menu to open the Connectors page.   2. Select the Add connector button.   3. Select the MySql connector.   4.  Enter your...

Tableau Web Data Connector

Knowledge Base    /    General
+ Using Popdock as a Tableau data source   Popdock makes it easy to access all your Popdock data sources from Tableau. Step 1. To access a Popdock data source from Tableau, first open Tableau. St...

How to manually add Popdock Web Services to Business Central

Knowledge Base    /    Connector setup
If the Popdock web services were not created for your Business Central connector and you are unable to install the extension in AppSource, the following steps will help to manually upload the .app fil...

How to create a summarized list

Knowledge Base    /    Lists
Depending on the data you are wanting to summarize on a list, you have several options that this feature is capable of.  For example you can take the data on your list and summarize it by showing an ...

How to find the TCP Port number your SQL Instance is listening on

Knowledge Base    /    Connector setup
By default SQL Server listens on TCP port number 1433, but for named instances the TCP port is dynamically configured. There are several options available to get the listening port for a SQL Server na...

How to create a joined list

Knowledge Base    /    Joined Lists
Joining data, housed in two or more disparate applications, is easy with Popdock. This eliminates the need for complex SQL queries or vlookups in Microsoft Excel.  All that is required is a common un...

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