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Types of filters

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Contains This filter type will remove records when the characters of the filter value can be found anywhere in the field value. Does not contain This filter type will remove records when the character...

How to add grouping to your list

Knowledge Base    /    Grouping
Grouping serves as a convenient means of summarizing or analyzing the data.  The following steps show how to add grouping to a list: 1. When viewing your list, just above the row of column headers y...

Removing columns

Knowledge Base    /    Querying data
If you do not want to see a column, you can remove it from the view. To remove a column: 1. Select the menu button in the column header. 2. Unmark the columns that you want to remove from the Columns...

Adding Columns To Your List

Knowledge Base    /    Querying data
When you open any list in Popdock, a default set of fields are displayed as columns. There are many more fields that can also be added to provide additional information. To add a column to a list: 1. ...

Filtering on dates

Knowledge Base    /    Filtering
There are 2 types of values that can be used to filter dates in Popdock; constant date values and relative date values. Constant date values are dates that don't change over time. For example, you ca...

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