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Solution for browsers on Android devices not scrolling down on your list

Knowledge Base    /    General
If you are using an Android device to access Popdock with a browser you may come across an issue where your list is not scrolling to allow you to see the full list. The steps below detail how to turn ...

Tableau Web Data Connector

Knowledge Base    /    General
+ Using Popdock as a Tableau data source   Popdock makes it easy to access all your Popdock data sources from Tableau. Step 1. To access a Popdock data source from Tableau, first open Tableau. St...

How do I delete a favorite?

Knowledge Base    /    Favorites
Important Tip Only the person that created the favorite or an administrator can delete a favorite. If you did not create the favorite, and are not an administrator of your Popdock account, you will ne...

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