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Adding favorites

Knowledge Base    /    Favorites
A favorite is a saved collection of settings that you have made on a list.  From the order of the columns to the filters, favorites save you time on settings that you commonly apply to a list.  You ...

Creating and Adding Tags

Knowledge Base    /    Favorites
Tags are used in Popdock to organize favorites.  You can tag favorites so that you can quickly find it when adding a tab and searching by the tag.  There are two methods to creating tags. Method 1 ...

Sharing Favorites With A Team or Other Users

Knowledge Base    /    Favorites
When you are saving a Favorite for the first time or editing it, you will have the option to share it with a Team or Users on your account that have the permissions to access the connector and base l...

Updating Favorites

Knowledge Base    /    Favorites
  Step 1.  When working with a list that you have already saved as a Favorite, you will see "(modified)" in the breadcrumb after the Favorite's name that indicates you have made changes that hav...

How do I delete a favorite?

Knowledge Base    /    Favorites
Important Tip Only the person that created the favorite or an administrator can delete a favorite. If you did not create the favorite, and are not an administrator of your Popdock account, you will ne...

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