Intelligent Reporting for Small Business

Data-driven decisions are no longer reserved for big business. Popdock is self-service BI for small business owners.

Many hats. One person.

You are the CEO, the social media manager, and the salesperson. You fulfill orders, arrange shipping, track timesheets, send invoices and chase collections. You need all your business data at your fingertips, wherever you happen to be. You do not have time to log into all these different apps to get at your own data. Popdock changes the game for you by integrating the data from your disparate applications and provides operational reports that are informative and actionable, and most importantly always in real time.

Popdock is the business intelligence and reporting tool you need to grow your small business.


Actionable data for small business owners

Data-driven action plan.

Popdock reports become your daily to-do list. Which Instagram posts need responding to? Which orders need shipping? Is it time to bill that project? Not only can you pull reports, you can take action within Popdock. Stop jumping from application to application - Popdock is your small business BI reporting command center.

Data for everyday decisions.

Interpreting data can be a full-time job and in some organizations, it is. As a small business owner, you don’t have time for that. That’s why self-service BI reporting becomes important. Popdock gives insight into the data that matters for all departments – marketing, sales, accounting, customer service, business owner – whether you are a one-man team or have a team supporting you. Digestible and actionable list-based reports equip you with the right information to make sound data-driven decisions - daily.

Single UI for integrated reporting.

You have invoices in Quickbooks, marketing metrics in Facebook, timesheets in TimelyApp, support tickets in Fresh Desk. Popdock makes your data accessible by integrating 65+ different applications, both on-premise and cloud-based. One password, one look and feel - on any device. No IT required.

Sanity in a small business owner's day.

Popdock can generate reports across your business operations last year, last month and even this morning. Popdock is business intelligence and reporting for small business owners allowing you to stay ahead of the game and propel growth.

Are you ready for accessible, informative, and actionable data?

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