Business Intelligence for Marketers

Campaigns are executed across a multitude of channels making reporting difficult and siloed. Popdock consolidates your data giving you powerful insights into your marketing efforts.

Metrics are nice, sales are better.

5000 likes are nice, but knowing which posts generate an action within your target demographic is better. Even more ideal is knowing which of those actions will lead to closing a sale and printing an invoice. Popdock gives you the data to improve your campaigns and increase sales.

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Remove the guesswork. Accessible, informative, and actionable data at your fingertips.

Eliminate waiting.

Stop jumping from application to application to pull disparate marketing reports. Popdock integrates your marketing application data - Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Hubspot, Dynamics CRM, MailChimp, Constant Contact and many more - giving the insight you need to improve your campaigns. Think of it as self-service BI reporting accessible at any time.

Create more a-ha! moments.

If you are looking for pretty BI dashboards created for executives and left open for interpretation, you are in the wrong spot. Popdock provides digestible and actionable list-based reports for the everyday employee. You don’t need a degree to understand them. In fact, Popdock becomes your data-driven action plan.

Don't just look, do something.

Popdock is much more than a reporting application or BI tool, it lets you act on your data right from within the app. Reply to a comment, add the contact to a nurture, create an opportunity, create a support ticket all from one place without ever leaving Popdock.

If marketing is the new sales - Popdock provides the proof.

You need to prove that your campaigns are rock solid, generating leads that become sales. Popdock can generate reports across all your marketing activities last year, last month, and this morning. Popdock brings digestible business intelligence to marketers helping you prove that you are the marketing and sales guru that you know you are.

Are you ready for accessible, informative, and actionable data?

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