Control for IT Managers

You did not choose all those applications but you’re now responsible for the reporting and security. Popdock is here to give you back control.

Give access to all data.
No risks.

So many applications, so much data and so little time. What people need is easy access to the data they need to do their jobs, and only that data, and Popdock lets you provide them with a single and simple reporting interface for which you control the security.

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Take action on your data.

Stop being the data guy.

Popdock provides self-service bi and reporting capabilities across every application your businesses adopts. With a robust query engine with search capability, Popdock provides a single UI experience for all reporting needs. You should never be asked for a report again, tell them to go Popdock it.

Share or don't. It's your call.

Access to data is the one thing people love to complain about. Instead of the bottleneck, become the hero. Popdock gives anyone in the company access to all data in any application at your discretion. Pull reports, generate a digital to-do list, access integrated data – all without IT having to export, pivot or explain.

Utilize small data.

Small data, or self-service business intelligence, is much more important to the daily lives of everyone in the business than big data or pretty dashboards. When someone needs data insights to answer a question or develop strategy, they should be able to access it on their own time, from their own device. Popdock is the BI and reporting command center all employees need to make data-driven decisions.

Data is the heart of business and you can be the hero.

Teach your business the one reporting tool that will work across all the business’s applications. Let employees access their own data, while you can get back to managing IT.

Are you ready for accessible, informative, and actionable data?

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