Facebook Ads Connector

Which Facebook ads are the most effective for your business? Are you targeting the right audience with your Facebook ads? Who is seeing them are where are they? Who isn’t seeing your ads?

Popdock now gives you access to all your Facebook ad data to answer all these questions and more.

The 6 lists that are included in the Facebook Ads connector are:

  • Ads – clicks, views, likes, shares, CPC, CPM and every other statistic on every ad you’ve ever run in Facebook
  • Campaigns – ad statistics organized by campaign
  • Ad sets – ad statistics organized by ad set
  • Geographic insights – where are your ads are being seen and clicked, right down to the city
  • Demographic insights – who is seeing and clicking on your ads
  • Device insights – what devices are your ads being displayed on

The Facebook Ads connector supports multiple ad accounts to allow you manage your ads across multiple businesses.

Download Popdock and connect to Facebook Ads today.

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