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Focusing On Your Data

When your business is committed to using specific applications for your daily operational needs, they can sometimes be lacking in the area of reporting important business data.  The data that you need to know exactly how well your business is performing and in what areas you may be need attention.

This is where Popdock can come to your rescue and help to fill that gap.  Without needing a Developer or Database Administrator on your payroll you can gain access to your business data through several available APIs that your business software might already offer.  In some cases its a connection directly into your own on-premise database that you can access and build lists without needing SQL knowledge.  Connecting to multiple APIs or databases is what Popdock specializes in and with this ability to access data on multiple platforms we bring your data together allowing you to build custom reports and join data from multiple platforms.

Data Comparison

Popdock has the ability to compare data between lists which will look for either similarities or differences in the data.  As long as the data fields you are comparing are similar like an email to an email,  Popdock will compare them between two lists and return either the data that is similar or the data that is different.


Data Joining

Some connectors have multiple lists that separate data that are related. In these cases a data join may be beneficial to give you the data you want to see. If both lists contain a unique ID, then they can be joined by that identifier to make a join. This helps to get the data from two or more lists into one.

Data Merging

While joining requires a unique ID, Popdock data merging requires similar data. You can merge a contact list from one connector with another or if your connector contains more than one company, you can merge the data of all the companies into a single list.


Data Summary

Sometimes all the rows of data are not important, you want to know the big number or overall total. Popdock can help by summarizing your list to show you the average, count, disctinct count, maximum, minimum, or sum of your data.

Calculated Fields

When the data returned from your connector lacks the data you want to see, sometimes an easy solution could be as simple as a calculated field. Popdock allows a custom field that can be used to add a formula that will take the data from one of your default fields and either do a calculation with another field or combine the text of fields and show that data to you as a separate column in your list, if that is what you need.


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