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Popdock Makes SQL Server Reporting Better

SQL Server is a central part of the Microsoft data platform. SQL Server is an industry leader in operational database management systems (ODBMS). Unfortunately, there is not a user-friendly interface that would allow you to access your data; knowing how to write a SQL query is required to get the data you need.

Popdock integrates with your SQL Server to bring in your database tables so you can manipulate the data you want without having any knowledge of how to write a SQL query. With filters, sorting, and the ability to export data to Excel you can quickly create a report from your database data.


Build custom lists without writing SQL Query

Popdock uses the SQL database connection to communicate with your database and allows you to build customized lists without writing a SQL Query. If you have a table that is commonly used to query by a DBA, an admin in Popdock can assign that specific table to a user or team so that they have access to the data and can create custom lists. This eliminates the need to give anyone database access and it does not require them to know SQL.


Build Complex Lists
Like Complex Queries

Popdock allows you to create joined, merged, summarized, or compared lists. This allows you to get the same results as complex queries that would need to join multiple tables to get the exact data you would like to see in one list.

Specific Lists

Popdock has several layers of security available. As an admin on the account, you can assign lists to a team or specific user and give them access only to the specific data you define.

Free up your DBA's time from constant request for reports by creating complex lists in Popdock and assigning them to executives, teams, managers, or specific users.

Access Lists from Phone or Browser

Access your data via an iPhone, iPad, or web browser. Any list you create in Popdock can be refreshed and updated at any time and it will pull in real-time data from SQL Server.

Whether in the office or on the road, the default and customized lists are available to you.

Available Lists

Popdock will allow you to pick and choose which tables or views you would like to show in Popdock. You can add or remove any of them at any time by going to the connector settings.

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