Today a lot of software companies are allowing access to their data through an API and many 3rd party applications are using this to their advantage.  Most of the time you must really understand their API documentation and a programming language to really make use of the access they allow to their data.

With Popdock’s REST Service, you can make connections to other applications that Popdock has not already built an integration with.  It still requires you access the API documentation and understand it to complete the steps needed in setting up your Rest Connector, but it does not require writing any programming language.

REST Services Connector

Popdock REST Services allows you to configure your own connector using the API information from any 3rd Party that allows it.  If you are familiar with using an API, you can easily configure Popdock to connect to your 3rd Party application and bring the data into Popdock.  You can then build custom reports on your data and save them to review or update periodically.


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