Popdock Makes LinkedIn Reporting Better

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members and growing rapidly. Businesses use LinkedIn to connect with potential customers, employees and to create awareness for product and offerings – both through paid and organic advertising. LinkedIn reporting provides high-level trend data, but when you need usable, actionable data to understand your followers and posts performance Popdock is your solution.

Popdock expands LinkedIn's out-of-the-box reporting functionality by giving you access to data that is not available through LinkedIn reporting. Access any LinkedIn data via Popdock's easy-to-use list reporting interface. Popdock focuses on reporting, so you can do your job better and more efficiently.


Create (and Save) Custom Reports

With LinkedIn analytics, you are stuck with the standard reports provided.  Whether you are a small business owner, or a marketing professional, standard data does not always provide what you need to drive an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy. With Popdock, create custom reports using any of the data available in LinkedIn, save those reports and reference them at any time for clear insight into your LinkedIn strategy. For example, perhaps you require a report showing all comments across your multiple business pages. Not only can you create this report in Popdock, you can respond to those comments from one view, saving you time.

Have you ever wanted to compare followers across your social media channels to understand overlap, demographic differences and more?  With Popdock this is possible – no Excel required. Merge data from multiple connectors in Popdock to gain a deep understanding of your followers, engagement and social activity.


Flexible Engagement Reporting

LinkedIn reporting shows Engagement as a static list sorted by date.  Popdock gives you the freedom to sort the data by any column. Perhaps you want to see the post with the most likes or clicks. Rather than scrolling for days, you can sort that data in Popdock for a quick understanding of what is performing best. You can also filter the data by a wide range of operators including Date, Engagement Rate, Shares and more. Find the exact data you are looking for and take action on it.

Enhanced Insight into Follower Data

LinkedIn reports limit you to the Top 5 followers by category and prohibit you from seeing the entire list, even upon export to Excel. Popdock allows you to see a comprehensive list of your followers and enables you to slice and dice that data to fully comprehend your reach on LinkedIn.

Extended Follower Reporting Options

LinkedIn provides graphical reporting which is great for understanding trends. However, if you want to gain further insight into the data behind those trends, LinkedIn reporting falls short. Popdock also allows you to sort and filter your data by a number of criteria, including Date, New Followers, Paid Followers and more. The resulting data is shown in a user-friendly detailed grid format useful for understanding your next priority or task.

Available Lists

  • Follower - Company Function
  • Follower - Company Size
  • Follower - Countries
  • Follower - Daily Insights
  • Follower - Industries
  • Follower - Monthly Followers
  • Follower - Seniorities
  • Updates - Comments
  • Updates - Daily Insights
  • Updates - Likes
  • Updates - Monthly Insights
  • Updates - Updates
  • Take any of these out of the box lists and build your own favorite reports to suit exactly how you work.

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