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HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. HubSpot is a combination of marketing, sales and CRM software that reinvented marketing with the ‘inbound marketing’ concept. With almost 42,000 customers worldwide, HubSpot is a leader in the marketing automation space.

While there is no denying the powerful features of HubSpot, reporting will continue to be a pain for all marketers because of the siloed nature of limited application functionality.

Perhaps you are frustrated with the limitations around the Blog list feature and only showing two columns. Maybe you're frustrated with the limitations around the data available via the Deals report. If you need to see data from various applications, including HubSpot, it inevitably requires an Excel export and manual manipulation.

Stop being frustrated and start being productive by solving these solutions and more with Popdock.


No Excel Required

Popdock allows you to modify the order of columns in your campaign reports, add or remove columns shown in the report, and filter data via a wide variety of operations – giving you the data you need in a format that is usable and intuitive – all without exporting to Excel.


Merge Marketing and Sales, Customer Service or Other Data

Marketers are often expected to produce proof their campaigns are creating sales. While an integration between Hubspot and your other systems will help improve visibility, there is likely still manual manipulation of data that occurs to understand the data.

Combine data easily, whether it’s HubSpot with CRM or HubSpot with Google Adwords, the possibilities are endless. The Deals view in Popdock is so simple, all marketers should be using it.

Make Your
Database of Blogs
More Usable

HubSpot is certainly a great solution for scheduling and publishing your blogs. However, maintaining and managing them over time can be cumbersome. With only two columns visible to you on the dashboard, you have to drill into each individual blog to see data such as the URL, publish date and the performance. With Popdock you can create a list of blogs that have all blog data available in one view, saving you a lot of time.

Available Lists

  • Blog Post Comments
  • Blog Posts
  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Deals
  • Events
  • Lists
  • Owners
  • Pipelines
  • Take any of these out of the box lists and build your own favorite reports to suit exactly how you work.

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