Popdock Makes Dynamics GP Reporting Better

Dynamics GP is one of the most commonly used mid-market accounting suites. The SmartList and SmartList Builder tools were the inspiration for Popdock - due to their popularity in the GP community.

Popdock provides the flexible reporting functionality that GP users love, but removes the limitation of that data only coming from GP.

You can now get all your GP data - alongside data from other applications - and see it all on your iPhone. If you love SmartLists, you will go nuts for Popdock.


Access all your data from GP on your phone or in a browser.

Every list you've built with SmartList is available to you in Popdock.

You can access all your GP data on your phone and do all the things you are familiar with - including adding columns, sorting, filtering, and saving favorites.  

If the data is in GP, you can know everything - no matter where you are (just don’t tell your boss).


With Everyone

Make everyone more efficient by giving them access to the GP data they need. You don't have to be in the dark just because you don't have a GP login. Share data with CEOs, Project Managers, the Warehouse staff, or the sales team.

SmartList Builder for
ALL Your Data

Popdock lets you build your own lists that combine data from multiple places. Merge, join, or compare data from everywhere. Want to compare your credit gateway data with your GP cash receipts? Select an invoice and see all outstanding support tickets or pending opportunities for that customer instantly.


Popdock is built so that no one else can see your data. Security is paramount. There are multiple levels of security to ensure your data is protected and that your team only sees the data that you share with them.

Available Lists

Use out of the box lists or create the custom lists you need with Popdock. If the data exists in Dynamics GP you can get that data into Popdock.  Here are a few of the default lists:

  • Account summary
  • Account transactions
  • Accounts
  • Active Items
  • Bank Deposits
  • Bank transaction
  • Billing Rates
  • Contracts
  • Customers
  • Equipment
  • Inventory transactions
  • Items
  • Pricing
  • Product Sales
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales by item
  • Time Summary
  • Vendors

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