Expanding Your Reach and Diving Into Data

Contactually is a relationship marketing platform that helps companies and individuals keep and generate business from their network.

Popdock gives you access to the data Contactually uses for its Insights. Popdock accesses real-time data via the Contactually API and allows you to filter, group, sort, and build custom lists, as well as custom graphs.


Save Recurring Reports

Popdock allows you to save recurring reports. Set the criteria once, save as a favorite, and next time simply refresh with the click of a button.


Sorting Options

Popdock saves time and manual data manipulation. Skip exporting to Excel. Sort by customer, email, address, any field or any combination of data, directly within Popdock, to find a record and see your data clearly.

Access Lists
From Phone or Browser

Access your data via an iPhone, iPad, or web browser. Any list you create in Popdock can be refreshed and updated at any time and it will pull in real-time data from Contactually.

Whether in the office or on the road, the default and customized lists are available to you.

Custom Lists

Take data from multiple lists and build custom lists that can join, merge, summarize, or compare your data. You can also create calculated fields on a list.

Available Lists

  • Buckets
  • Bucket contacts
  • Contacts
  • Interactions
  • Email alias
  • Notes
  • Notifications
  • Tasks
  • User
  • Take any out of the box lists and create favorite reports.

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