Access your cloud and on-premise data all from one easy to use app.

Cloud reporting should not be an afterthought. Real self-service intelligent business reporting.

Use your data to gain insights to make daily decisions.

All your data. One application. No IT or Data Scientist required.

Popdock makes data ACCESSIBLE.

Popdock is a self-service BI tool that allows you to access all your cloud-based application data. Log into one single app and all your data is there.

Popdock provides REAL TIME reporting.

Popdock reports are always based on live data. It's real-time reporting that helps everyone do their job better. Popdock provides data driven-action plans perfect for the Small Business reporting needs or the everyday employee.

Popdock makes data ACTIONABLE.

Popdock serves up actionable data allowing you to complete tasks without logging into the native application(s).


Popdock is the solution for disparate reporting.

A modern business uses more than 15 different software applications. Reporting in silos limits how well your team can do their jobs. Manually consolidated reports will have errors and be inaccurate. Popdock integrates all your data from on-premise and cloud applications into a single app – in real time. Popdock is the answer for all your integrated BI and daily reporting needs.

Self-Service BI and Reporting for Everyone.

For Small Business

You are busy. You are mobile. You do a little bit of everything. Find all your data in one place.


For Marketers

Single source for marketing data. Report on data to support your campaigns.


For IT Managers

Reduce reliance on IT for reporting and data requests. Enable your end users.


Are you ready for accessible, informative, and actionable data?

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